WARNING: Affiliate Marketing SUCKS!!

Affiliate Marketing SUCKS!!

Have you heard this before?

Affiliate Marketing SUCKS!!, I bet you have heard of countless people who have attempted affiliate marketing only to fail miserably, then say that Affiliate Marketing SUCKS!!. Perhaps you yourself had that broken dream and have become part of the “Affiliate Marketing SUCKS” statistics.

Why is it that so many who do Affiliate Marketing FAIL?

Well, there are many reasons for this, too many to go through here, but we can have a look at a few to give you an idea of what not to do if you are embarking on a career in Affiliate Marketing.

Reasons Affiliate Marketers FAIL

1) They see Affiliate Marketing as more of a Hobby and not a Business.

Many new Affiliate Marketers, see it as a way to make quick money, they watch YouTube videos and read blogs where people claim to be “Making hundreds, even Thousands per Day, while working 30 mins a day”, they get hooked on the hype and rush into it, their enthusiasm soon dies when they don’t make a penny in their first day, week or month :(, its just a hobby so they do not invest the time and effort.

2)They pick the wrong Niche or Product.

They are not aware of how to pick a niche from which to select a product to promote and they end up jumping from one product or training to the next(shiny object syndrome).

3)New Marketers go for selling and not helping

As a Marketer of anything, you should not be pushing the sale of your product, if it’s good it will sell itself, your role is to help the customer solve a problem, give them a solution to the problem, let them see your product as the solution. Provide them with value.

4)They do not have the Patience and Persistence

Affiliate Marketing requires Patience and Persistence. One needs to Take ACTION, Be Persistent and Have Patience. It is only then you will realize success. This is not a get rich quick scheme it takes time to nurture leads and build a relationship. People buy from those they Know, Like and Trust. Again Provide them with Value.

How to fix these problems

As a new Affiliate Marketer, you do not yet have the skills and or experience to overcome the causes of failure, try as you may on your own you like many others will not succeed, the few that do succeed, however, have realized that they cannot and should not try to do it on their own so they seek out successful Affiliate Marketers that they can get training and mentoring from.

These Successful Affiliate Marketers such as Rob C Reece have learnt the ropes and have become successful, they are experienced and many are willing to take you under their wings. Rob offers a #30 Days to Profit Facebook group challenge, where he takes new and struggling marketers, mentors them for 30 days, and shows that they too can generate commissions in 30 days or less.

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