Step by Step Guide On How To Rank #1 On YouTube and Google

First page profits

Ranking #1 on YouTube and Google’s first page is by far the most effective way of generating traffic to your offers and getting sales conversions.  Every affiliate marketer aspires to achieve this, yet few hit the mark or even come close to it. If you are a new marketer or even an intermediate one who have never used YouTube  or google in your marketing, you may be wondering “Why is it important to rank on page one of YouTube and Google?”

Well, the short answer is FREE Traffic and INSANE SALES.

Yes, free traffic to your offers which in turn leads to more conversions or sales and money in your pocket.

There are many who profess to know exactly how you can rank #1. They will insist on Search Engine Optimization better known as SEO and other secret methods. And while SEO can indeed get you to rank #1, it is a very complex system to learn and execute. Paying someone to do it for you will cost you an arm and a leg for sure. Newbies usually don’t have that kind of capital.

So If you cant afford to pay for SEO, then, how do you get ranked on page one of You-tube and Google?

This is where First Page Profits come in.

What is First Page Profits?

Simply put, First Page Profits is your ticket to page one ranking.

It is a traffic software that gives you the training and tools to gets first page rankings and Unlimited Targeted Traffic in a very short time. This software speeds the process up and removes any manual work, making it, a truly done-for-you solution with just a couple of clicks…

And the best part is?

Even absolute newbies can use this to get results fast…

Who is First Page Profits For?

This is for YOU, If you have tried any of the following:

-Free traffic methods that took forever to start working
-Paid traffic methods that left you frustrated and out of pocket
-Countless training courses that taught you outdated methods
-Push button software tools that don’t work like they claim to

Or If you

-Currently struggling with traffic methods or software tools that just don’t work.
-Need something that works.
-Want page 1 rankings FAST so you can promote affiliate offers online.
-Are getting a little traffic now, but NEED more traffic make consistent sales.
-Want to BANK easy payments of $500 -$1000 for first page Google rankings.


What Are The Advantages of First Page Profits?

-Easy to follow step by step instructions
-Free Targeted Google Traffic In 60 Seconds
-Instant Page 1 Rankings
-$100+/Day Formula
-Newbie Friendly Traffic Solution…
-FREE Training Tutorials Included
-To Enjoy The Laptop Lifestyle & Experience Financial Freedom
-A 30-Day Ironclad Money-Back Guarantee

Disadvantages of First Page Profits

We haven’t seen any real disadvantages at this time to report on.


I have gone through this training and I do like whats in there. It consists of short easy to follow videos  designed for Newbies and includes all the tool you will need. This is certainly something that I recommend. You do have a full 30 day money back guarantee so dont be afraid to jump in and see what its about.

There are also a huge number of included bonuses that are worth taking a look at and in addition I have a few surprise bonuses for you, just send me your proof of purchase and I will arrange your additional customized bonuses.


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