How to land your emails in the Inbox Every time.


Getting emails in the Inbox of each lead is every affiliate marketers goal. Sadly this is close to doing the impossible. There are a few things however, which we as affiliate marketers can do to get emails in the Inbox. This short document will describe something that has been shown to work and if you try it, it is sure to improve your In-boxing also. So here goes…

How to Increase your In-boxing percentage

  1. Get yourself a few test email ID, register with the main email clients like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, outlook.
  2. Add your test email IDs to a test list in your autoresponder.
  3. Now write your email and send it to your test list using your autoresponder. Should the email land in the Inbox of most or all your test email clients, then your email is ready to send or add to your autoresponder sequence!
  4. If however, your email does not hit the Inbox in any of your test IDs, change the subject line to something VERY generic like “hi Mum” and try sending the test again.
    -If the email lands in the Inbox, then your subject line was the problem. Create a new subject line suitable for your email, and try the test again. If the email STILL does not land in the Inbox with the safe subject line, then the content of your email is the problem.
  5. To fix the content, keep the subject line safe(“hi Mum”) and resend your original email content, but include only the first few sentences.
    -If it hits the Inbox then you know that part of your email is fine. Next, add a few more sentences and send again.
  6. Continue adding sentences until the email lands in the spam or promotional tabs. You have now identified the part of your email causing the problem. Remove that section or rewrite it. (NOTE: it may also be a good idea to change up your safe subject line after a few test mails)
  7. Repeat step #3-5 until your email lands in the Inbox for at least 50% of your test Inboxes.


While this method may seem a bit long and winded, after a few emails you will begin to identify what type of text is causing your mails to not go into peoples Inboxes. Soon you will be writing copy that will get straight to Inboxes from the get-go.

You should see a marked improvement In email open rates as more of them will land in peoples Inboxes.


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