Mail To Millions Review by a real user–Is It a Scam? .

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Mail to Millions – your very own Autoresponder

What is Mail to Millions?

Mail to Millions is a self-hosted Autoresponder.

Promoting whatever product you want is not always easy with the big-name autoresponders such as Aweber, GetResponse etc. Many of these do not like certain niches, especially the Make Money Online or Affiliate Marketing niches. If you are promoting these as well as others you can get blocked in an instant if they do not like your offer.

If and when that happens, your online business can become worthless. You would have heard that the “Money is in the List” well that is quite true, and if your auto-responder kicks you out then you may very well lose your list that you have taken months if not years to build, possibly at considerable cost.

The Meat and Potatoes of Mail 2 Millions

Login into Mail to Millions

When you log in to Mail To Millions you will get a welcome page with video, and tabs to the product at the top as shown in the photo below. One of the creators of Mail to Millions Pete will give you a short welcome.

Welcome Video

Tab Options

Clicking on the Mail To Millions tab will take you to the training area. Inside this section, you will find several short videos, some with accompanying downloadable pdf files, giving you step by step guide to setting up your Self Hosted Auto Responder (AR). It starts out with a short introduction pointing you to two important resources,

  • A private Facebook group where you can get tons of information and assistance with your AR.
  • A link for a free training webinar available to you.
  • Introduction Video by Pete


Following this you will find 13 Videos, six screenshots are shown below for you to see whats included inside

m2m- Domains


Targeted traffic

Sign ups

100k Shortcut

List & Campaigns

m2m- Your List

What else is included in Mail To Millions?


Buyer Traffic Blitz
Because we want to give you the best possible head start with your email list, you’ll find out how to build and promote to a rock-solid online buyer list for free! And then we’ll show you the simplest and most effective paid traffic method online right now — and how to optimise your return on investment for paid traffic.

Email Marketing 3.0 Made Easy
Maximise your profits with this guide to creating, sending and segmenting emails. Learn how to ensure that your squeeze pages generate sky-high opt-in rates. And discover the simple strategy that will double your email open rate. Get all this and more in Email Marketing 3.0 Made Easy.


The Mail To Millions Members Only Website
We are committed to making this website into the only resource you’ll ever need for Email Marketing. We’re constantly adding premier quality content to the site. With The Mail To Millions Members Only Website, you get a choice of proven online profit systems; select the income streams that suit you best.

There are some upgrades which you can take a look at and decide if you want them. I have not done any upgrades at this time as I find the basic system to be enough for the moment. I may decide to upgrade later.

Can I promote Mail To Millions?

Yes, certainly, you can become an affiliate and promote it to fellow eMail Marketers and gain an income from it.

Who created Mail to Millions?

Mail To Millions is the brainchild of Wah Bhatti and Pete Bruckshaw.

Technical expert Wah has over 15 years in the autoresponder business and is one of the few experts around today. Pete is a longtime Internet Marketer who specializes in product creation and affiliate marketing. Together they pooled their experience to bring you this awesome product.


As a user of Mail 2 Millions, I can only say that it has helped me with my list building and email marketing. Cost-wise it is very affordable especially when you compare to the large third party autoresponders. I don’t worry about being shut down or blocked for any length of time and I upload my cleaned lists from my trusted sources whenever I must. I highly recommend this self-hosted autoresponder.  Joining the Facebook group you will find so many who are there willing and ready to assist if you run into problems.



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